Feet in a mile

There are 5,280 feet (ft) in 1 mile (mi). Below is a list of some other common units of length in terms of 1 mile.

Technically, these relationships relate to what is known as the "international mile," but when people use the term "mile" alone, they are usually referring to the international mile. This is the standard that has been used since 1959.

There are a number of other miles used, for example the nautical mile (1853.249 m in the US), US survey mile (1609.347 m), metric mile (1500 m or 1600 m in the US), and more. There were also many other miles used in history, such as the Roman mile, Italian mile, and Arabic mile, all of which were measured differently.

Feet to miles conversion

The following converter can convert from feet to miles or miles to feet. Just enter a value in either feet or miles to convert between the two.


Did you know?

Most of the measurements of a mile used today or in the past were derived, or close in value to the Roman mile, which was equal to 5000 Roman feet. This was standardized by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, a prominent member of Roman society who was a general, architect, and more. The measurement of the Roman foot is actually based on the size of his own foot, and based on these relationships, among other things, a Roman mile was estimated to be 4851 ft, or 1479 meters by today's standards.