Height is a measure of vertical distance that is used in many different contexts. It can refer to how tall somebody or something is, or the position of some object, like how high the top of a balloon is floating above the ground.

In the US, the height of a person is typically measured using feet and inches. For example, someone who is 67 inches (in or ") tall is usually described as being 5 feet 7 inches tall. Most other countries measure a person's height in centimeters. Someone who is 5'7" tall is 170.18 cm tall.

There are many different units of measurement, and being able to convert between various common units can be helpful since it is often necessary. Below are the relationships between various common units of length used to measure height in the US customary and International System of Units:


Convert 25 meters to yards, feet, and inches.

25 meters × 1.093613 = 27.340 yards

27.340 yards × 3 = 82.02 feet

82.02 feet × 12 = 984.24 inches

Height in geometry

Height is also used in geometry to describe the perpendicular distance between the base of a shape and its opposite side. For example, given a triangle, the height of the triangle is the perpendicular length measured from the base of the triangle to the vertex opposite the base. In the figure below, the height of the triangle is the dotted line.

The triangle could also be rotated such that either of the other two sides are the base of the triangle. The same triangle (or other shape) can therefore have different heights under different conditions.