Meters to miles

There are 1609.344 meters (m) in 1 mile. The meter to mile conversion factor is 0.000621371. The mile to meter conversion factor is 1,609.34.


A meter, or metre, is the base unit of length in the International System of Units (SI).

Meter definition

A meter is defined exactly as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum over the course of of a second. This definition has changed throughout the course of history with the goal of improving the precision and accuracy of the measure. This has been the definition of the meter since 1983.

As the SI base measurement of length, the meter is used widely throughout the world for everyday and scientific use with exceptions such as the US, where units of inches, feet, yards, miles, and other measures are more commonly used for everyday purposes. However, the US still uses meters for scientific, academic, business, and other purposes for which standardization is important.


A mile is a measurement of length in the US customary and imperial systems of measurement.

Mile definition

The international mile is exactly defined as 1.609344 kilometers (km). There are many historical and regional definitions of the mile, but today when someone says "mile," most commonly they are talking about the international mile.

The mile is mostly used in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, all of which had slightly differing definitions of the mile until the international mile was established in 1959.

Meters to miles converter

The following converter can convert from meters to miles or miles to meters. Just enter a value in either meters or miles to convert between the two.


How many meters in a mile

There are 1609.344 meters in 1 mile.

How many miles in a meter

There are 0.0006213712 miles in a meter.

Meters to miles conversion example

To convert between meters and miles, use the relationship:

1609.344 meters = 1 mile

To use this relationship to convert from meters to miles or miles to meters:


1. Convert 7650 meters to miles:

7650 m ÷ 1609.344 = 4.75349 mi

2. How many meters are in 26.2 miles?

26.2 mi × 1609.344 = 42164.81 m

Differences between meters and miles

Some differences between meters and miles are described below.

The SI unit of length most commonly used alongside the mile is the kilometer (km). Miles and kilometers are more similar in size than meters and miles. Both kilometers and miles are also used as part of measurements of speed: mile per hour or kilometer per hour.

Meter to mile conversion table

Meter (m) Mile (mi)
1 0.0006213712
2 0.0018641136
3 0.0018641136
10 0.0062137119
20 0.0124274238
50 0.310685596
100 0.0621371192
500 0.3106855961
1000 0.6213711922