km to m

There are 1000 meters in 1 kilometer or kilometers in 1 meter. Both kilometers and meters are metric measurements of length. The meter is the base unit of length in the International System of Units (SI).

km to m conversion

The following converter can be used to convert kilometers to meters or meters to kilometers. Enter a value in either meters or kilometers to convert between the two.


km to m conversion explanation

In SI, prefixes that are added to a base unit denote a unit that is a specific power of 10 of the base unit. For example, the prefix "kilo-" denotes a factor of 1000, or 103, so a kilometer is 1000 times larger than 1 meter. In other words:

1 km = 1000 m

1 m = km

Therefore, to convert between SI units with different prefixes, we need to determine what power of 10 each prefix denotes, then multiply or divide by the appropriate power of 10. To convert from kilometers to meters, multiply by 1000. To convert from meters to kilometers, divide by 1000.


1. Convert 52 km to m:

52 × 1000 = 52000 m

2. Convert 457832 m to km:

457832 ÷ 1000 = 457.832 km