A pint (pt) is a unit of volume and capacity in the U.S. customary and imperial systems of measurement.

The US has two types of pints; a liquid and a dry one. The imperial system only has one definition of a pint for both dry and liquid measures. The two types of US pints and the imperial pint all differ in actual measurement. Relative to a set of related units in each system though, they have the same measurements. Specifically:

1 pint  =  4 gills
   =  2 cups
   =  quart
   =  gallon

The above is true in both systems of measurement, but their measures when compared in terms of milliters are different, since they are both based on different definitions of a gallon:

1 US liquid pint = 473.176473 mL

1 US dry pint = 550.6104713575 mL

1 imperial pint = 568.26125 mL

Did you know?

Ice cream in the US is commonly sold in measurements of pints and half gallons. If you go to a grocery store in the US to buy some ice cream, the smaller containers are usually 1 pint, and the larger ones are half-gallon containers. There are other sizes of containers as well, but these are two of the most common.

Another common use of the pint is with beer in different countries. The definition of a pint is different around the world, ranging anywhere from ~473 mL (US liquid pint), to ~568 mL (imperial pint). Countries that primarily use metric systems of measurement may instead use measurements of 500 mL, and others may have their own definitions, so "a pint of beer" can vary in measure around the world!