Ounces in a quart

There are 32 fluid ounces (fl oz) in 1 quart (qt) in the US customary system of measurement. In the imperial system of measurement, one of the few systems aside from the US customary system that still uses these units of measurement, there are 40 fluid ounces in 1 quart.

Fluid ounces and quarts are units of volume and capacity that are primarily used in the US, UK, and their territories. Other countries are more likely to use liters and milliliters in contexts where the US or UK may use fluid ounces and quarts.

Fluid ounces are commonly referred to as simply "ounces," but they are not related to the unit of weight and mass, the ounce, that goes by the same name.

Ounces to quarts conversion

The following converter can be used to convert ounces to quarts and quarts to ounces in both the US customary and imperial systems of measurement. Just select which measurement system you would like to use and enter a value in either ounces or quarts to convert between the two.

fluid ounces

Fluid ounces to quarts conversion explanation

To convert fluid ounces to quarts in either the US customary or imperial system of measurement, we need to remember the following relationships:

US customary system:

32 fl oz = 1 qt

1 fl oz = qt

Imperial system:

40 fl oz = 1 qt

1 fl oz = qt

Based on these relationships, to convert a fluid ounce in the US customary system of units to a quart, we need to divide by 32; to convert from a quart to a fluid ounce, we instead multiply by 32. The same follows for the imperial system, except that we would use 40 instead of 32 when dividing and multiplying.


1. Convert 67 US customary fluid ounces to quarts:

67 fl oz ÷ 32 = 33.5 qt

2. Convert 3.92 imperial quarts to fluid ounces:

3.92 qt × 40 = 156.8 fl oz