Coordinates in a plane are the two items in an ordered pair, used to identify a location on a map or in a coordinate plane. These coordinates are relative to a fixed point or origin. In a geometry context, coordinates refer to points in a coordinate plane.


The coordinates of the point on the coordinate plane shown below are 6 and 4.

The first coordinate, 6 is the x-coordinate, or the coordinate on the horizontal (x) axis while the second coordinate, 4, is the y-coordinate, or the coordinate on the vertical (y) axis.

Did you know?

Coordinates are also used in maps. Often, maps will use a letter as one of the coordinates for locating a point, and will use a numeral for the other point. Coordinates for the map below include:

Dublin, Ireland: C 2
London, England: D 3
Paris, France: E 4

See also coordinate plane, origin.