A point is a zero-dimensional (0D) object that describes an exact position in a plane or a space. Points are typically drawn as a dot and labeled with capital letters, as shown in the figures below.

Points A, B, and C for triangle ABC in the middle figure are points located at the triangle's vertices.

Point O is located at the circle's center.

A line contains points P and Q.

Points in coordinate Geometry

A coordinate plane, or coordinate system, is commonly used when describing the positions of points in space. The most common coordinate system is a 2D coordinate plane. Below is a 2D coordinate plane with two points, A and B. An ordered pair, (x, y), is a set of numbers that gives the coordinates of a point in the coordinate plane. The first number in the ordered pair corresponds to the horizontal position (x-axis) of a point and the second number corresponds to its vertical position (y-axis).

To find the position of a point in the coordinate plane given a point, (x, y), start from the origin, count x units in the horizontal direction (x-axis), then count y units in the vertical direction (y-axis).